Law of Torts - Development of Duty of Care

Heaven v Pender - - D must owe duty to P. The scope is not wide.

Donohue v Stevenson - - develop Neighbor Principle.

i. foresee ability

ii. proximity

*mix reaction of judges. Until 1970 in Dorset’s case.

Ann v Merton London - - the 2 stages test:-

i. sufficient relationship and foresee ability.

ii. whether likely to limit or reduce the scope of liability (Policy)

* open floodgate (economic L) misinterpretation.

Murphy v Brentwood - - overruled Ann’s case because wrongly decided.

Present Situation

1. Reasonable foresee ability that harm will be caused. Please refer to the case of:-

i. Walker v Northumberland County Council

ii. Haley v London Electric Board (Blind man)

iii. Bourhill v Young (not reasonable)

2. Proximity Relationship. Please refer to the case of:-

i. Home Office v Dorset Yatch

ii. Bourhill v Young

3. Fair, Just and Reasonable

i. Roundel v Worsley (lawyer)

ii. Hill v The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire (police)

iii. March Rich v Bishop Rock Marina

See also textbooks.
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